Lime Powder Factory – Quarry

General Description of Quarry

National Industries Company owns a Dolomites Limestone Quarry at Ahmadi area, It is about 30 minutes drive from Kuwait City. The Quarry covers a big area where the production of stones takes place from two layers and works on two levels “The Upper Layer and the Main Layer”. Exploration started at 1966 while production began by the end of 1968. Production is processed by persuasion drilling, full face blasting, face shoveling, dump truck transporting to one of two grizzly setups, liberators cleaning and then various screening operations to the appropriate size.

Lime Powder Factory

National Industries Company managed a study to exploit the main layer stone for the quarry. In 1970 a contract has been signed with a German Co. to build a lime Powder Factory with a production capacity of 15 ton/hour. In 1971 production started at unit (A) and due to extending & increment of requests for the products of the factory, N.L C. built in 1980 a new unit (unit B) with a production capacity of 30 ton/hour.

The Lime Powder Factory produces the following items


    Lime powder for roads fineness. (85%)


    Lime powder for tiles fineness. (45%)


    Lime powder for painting& adhesive materials.


    Ground lime stone (high purity) for glass industry.


    Ground lime stone (high purity) for uses of Ministry of Electricity & Water.


Please find below the catalogues for more details: