National Industries Company (K.P.S.C) is committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity and responsibility in order to implement the principles of good governance. The company has prepared a reporting policy that sets out the procedures and guidelines for reporting any suspicious behavior or any other behavior that takes place within the company until the necessary corrective action is taken in a timely manner.

The company is committed to providing a complete, fair, confidential and effective investigation process for the reports received.

The company provides employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, stakeholders and the public with a channel through which they can report any illegal activities.

The company undertakes to protect the whistleblower against any arbitrary and unfair decision to terminate the service or any harmful practices against the whistleblower, and no arbitrary decision will be taken or recommended against any person who has reported any suspicious behavior in good faith.


    Reporting Channels:

    At the following address:

    National Industries Company

    Shuwaikh, the intersection of Al-Jahra Road with the Airport Road.

    P.O. Box 3314 Safat, Postal Code 13034, Kuwait


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