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Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al-Rabiah
Chairman, National Industries Company (K.P.S.C)

Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Al-Rabiah has been a Director of the National Industries Group since 1979 and the Vice Chairman and Director at National Industries Company. He is also the General Manager of Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rabiah & Partners Company since 1981. Mr. Al-Rabiah also served as a Director of Kuwait Cement Company from 1992 to 1998 and Kuwait Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co. from 1980 to 1992. Mr. Al-Rabiah graduated with an Accounting Degree from Kuwait University in 1975.

Adel Khaled Al  Subeih
Deputy Chairman and Managing Director, National Industries Company (K.P.S.C)

Adel Khaled Al Sabeeh became the Managing Director, Chairman and Director of National Industries Company in 2002. Prior to that he served in several ministerial posts in (1997-2002)including ministers of health, Electricity & Water and finally Ministry of oil. From (1976-1997) he served as staff of Kuwait University and finally became Vice President for research. His research work led to several publications and two patents. He obtained B.S and Master degrees from (W.P.I), and PhD from NCSU in the USA.

Hamad Mohammed Al-Saad
Director, National Industries Company (K.P.S.C)

Hamad Mohammed Abdullah Al-Saad serves as a Director of the National Industries company. He is also the Managing Director of Amar Finance & Leasing Company and the Vice Chairman and Director of Kuwait Real Estate Holding Company K.S.H.C.

Abdullrahman Shaikhan Al-Farisi
Director, National Industries Company (K.P.S.C)

Abdullrahman Shaikhan Al-Farisi serves as Director of National Industries Company, He is also the Chairman of Al-Farsi Kitchens.

Ahmad M. Hassan
Director, National Industries Company (K.P.S.C)

Ahmad Mohammed Hassan serves as a Director of National Industries Company. He is also the Director of Kuwait Business Town Real Estate Co.

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