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For more than 50 years, NIC has proven its ability to overcome challenges and difficulties as a result of the sincere efforts of its employees and workers who managed to put the company in good hands.

National Industries is one of the most efficient companies working in the field of manufacturing the building and constructing materials in the GCC and the Middle East.

During the past years, NIC has managed to achieve and develop several projects, beside establishing a variety of successful companies in the same field.

Success was due to the following factors:

  • The ability to afford heavy responsibilities
  • Initial clear view
  • A firm commitment with principals and strategical approach and keeping on it
  • Continuous concerning and developing of massive industrial investments locally and regionally
  • Rehabilitation of the company’s national and foreigner employment in the industrial field
  • Diligent pursuit to achieve the main purpose and leadership in all industrial fields
  • Achieving prosperity through meeting all the needs of the company’s clients
  • Continuous concern with advanced technology
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