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Light Insulation Blocks
  • Density availably in 480 kg/m3 & 600 kg/m3
  • Less density leads to better insulation and vice versa
Light Reinforced Slabs
  • NIC Light-reinforced Slabs are manufactured with a length of 1 to 6 meters, width 20 or 25 cm and depth 
  • The Slabs are supported with 2 nets of reinforcing steel with a corrosion resistant layer with several diameters (8mm, 12mm)
Lintels and Arches
  • Lintels and Arches are used for covering the inside and outside openings of doors and windows in all their forms.
  • Also, they can be used for sun shades and decorations.
Reinforced light Panels
  • Reinforced light panels are used for the inside partitions or for coating the outside walls.
  • Available with several sizes ranging between 10x60x100 cm and 10x60x300 cm
  • Made made up of the same material of the light-reinforced Slabs, with a lower rate of reinforcing steel as it’s not exposed to the same loads as the slabs do.
Hordi 300
  • Used for the Ribbed Slabs for its light weight and high load resistance
  • Available with several dimensions
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