• Development of the new ready mix factory -in the South- was achieved.
  • Raising up the electricity power in Sulaibiya Factory.
  • Major developments were accomplished on “Fielding” production pistons in the tiles and kerbstone factory – Sulaibiyah.
  • A renovation of the ready mix fleet was implemented.
  • Production of reinforced concrete pipes to supply Mina Al-Zor refinery.
  • Employing a new piston for bricks production for ready-made walls.
  • Manufacturing new moulds and new window products in various forms of decorative pistons.
  • Running a new plant for manufacturing Polyurethane panels and new internal cladding means.
  • Creating the Sandwich Wall Panels from two cement panels surrounding autoclaved aerated concrete in between.
  • Installment and operating AAC packaging machines.
  • Adding up a production line of manhole covers.
  • Finishing the expansion of the paints factory and the installment of the coloring machines.
  • Increasing the production capacity of Fortex production line.
  • Installing the Decoration piston no.7.
  • Opening a new showroom in Industrial Shuwaikh area.


  • Running on creating local ready mix stations for Al-Zor project.
  • Purchasing an integrated line for regular and smoothed tiles, and for cladding panels.
  • Installing a system for cutting the interlocked bricks, in order to increase the productive power.
  • Supplying Al-Mitla’a town project with infrastructure pipes, the project is ongoing for 3 years.
  • Purchasing a new production line for manufacturing drainage pipes to fulfill the requirements of the new projects.
  • Creating a new production line for manufacturing cable ducts from polyethylene.
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